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I’ve released my first book,

"Pretending Not To Love You."

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He's broken. She's a bright, shining star.

Could her love be his salvation?

Popular and the star quarterback, 

Alex thought he had it all...

until his girlfriend makes a move on his friend, Chase.

And he's left with a broken heart...

Raine is the new girl at school
and an instant sensation.
All the girls want to be her
and all the guys want to date her.

Convinced Raine will fall under Chase's spell,

Alex is hell-bent on hooking them up

to avoid another crushing blow to his heart. 

Only he's realizing how special she is...

and how hard it is to pretend he isn't falling in love.

Why is Raine so popular?
And will Alex let go of his past

and take a chance on love, 

before it's too late?


If you love sweet high school romance and strong female characters, 

you'll be dying to see what happens next...

**This young adult contemporary novella

    can be read as a standalone.**
    It does contain a few inappropriate words.




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