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The release date of the 2nd book in the

Hazel Pathway Series,

"Want You to Love Me"

is on

Oct 9th, 2020."

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He’s a player. She’s a mystery.
Will she conquer her fears

and win his heart?

Sam is going through

a rough patch in her life.
But she's finding herself...
and having the courage

to stand up for herself.
She’s carried a torch for Ollie

since her freshman year.

Feeling empowered,

Sam's not giving up without a fight
and is going to turn the tables

on this serial dater.
Just wait and see. 
She’s going to teach him a lesson on love.
Ollie revels in his player status.

But at a Halloween party,

he meets a mysterious

masked girl who's turning

his world upside down!

If you love strong female characters,
And players who are taken down a notch...
or two.
You’re going to want to find out
what happens next!





    **This sweet contemporary young adult/
    high school romance book can be read as
    a standalone. However, it can be more 
    enjoyable to read the series in order.**


Pretending Not To Love You Book Trailer

Fun Facts About My Books


  1.  PNTLY was a novella;  so it's my endeavor to make the next book  "Want You To Love Me," a novel with a more complex and developed storyline.

  2. If you’re excited about the next book in the series, please leave a comment or sign up for a sneak peek and read an excerpt from my next book under Upcoming Books.

  3. I mentioned another high school in PNTLY, a fictitious Thomas L. Carver High School. I will start introducing characters from that school in my next book, each having their own story too, hence the Hazel Pathway Series!

  4. How did I come up with the name Hazel Pathway? You know how some towns on a map sound so obscure?  Well I decided to put two of the most obscure sounding city names together, and there you go, the town of Hazel Pathway was established.

  5. If you’ve read my book, PNTLY, I mentioned Raine’s twin sister, Remi. She’s going to have her own story, too. She is definitely going to kick some butt in her story! 

  6. How did I come up with the name Raine? When I was in my junior high French class, I loved my French name so much. It sounded a lot like Rain. So I was like, why not? 

  7. About my book cover, I personally picked out the main characters on the cover based on how I envisioned them to look like. In general, if I can't decide or find the right look, then their back will be turned to you.

Upcoming Books


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