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She is a mom of three young kids who keep her on her toes, but once they are down for bedtime, that’s when she gets on her laptop and the magic happens. She has a Master’s degree that has nothing to with her writing credibility unless you count having a really good imagination for creating stories in her head.  She has a loving and supportive husband, Jeremy, and they live in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

More about me

     What do I like to do for fun? I love to watch movies and TV Detective shows like Monk and Psych, hang out with my kids, and weave stories together in my head.

In regards to romance books: I read most subgenres as long if I think the book is good. 

Likes: slow-burn romance books. My fave tropes are Beauty and the Beast retellings, best friends turned lovers, and a strong alpha male. Dislikes: Bully romance, love triangles, 

cheating, and  cliffhanger series (I just don't have the patients for that kind of stuff. Stop dragging it on and get to the point). 

D              rop me a line.

I would love to hear from you. 

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