I enjoyed this book, but 3our of our 9 members could not get started. The book switched POV throughout, and sometimes the prose begins with a statement and you’re like, “Where did that come from; did I miss something?” But the answer is further in the opening paragraph. I like this kind of writing since it encourages you to think, and I can’t do my “skim read “, as my boys call it. I live historical fiction, and this was a good overview of the Library ladies of the early 20th century. It also speaks to our time, knowledge is viewed as dangerous in many areas even today. This book shows that knowledge is freedom. I couldn’t put it down.


Alice married to get away from her life in England, only to find herself in a cold relationship in America far from everything that she knows and understands, until one day she volunteers to join the newly established 'travelling library'. Here she finds the oddballs of her small town and they form an unlikely friendship group; their library opens a new world and a appreciation of reading to the children of the town and the people living in the surrounding area.


My wife and I read this book and as well as being a page turner, it is full of every sort of emotion imaginable; from love through dislike and distaste to distress and upset. The lead characters, the ladies of the story plus the two single men, are so beautifully described. The stories behind them are exceptionally well written. We found it impossible to do anything except fall in love with them. What also impressed us was the way that the author has switched to an environment that is different to others that she's written about and make it feel natural.


I pre-ordered this book and was eagerly anticipating beginning to read it, envious of those who read it before me. I can't remember looking forward as much to a book since years ago waiting for the postman to deliver the latest Harry Potter into my hands. This had the same sort of vibe about it for me. The scene setting took a while, but once the story took off, I loved it. 

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