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Hazel Pathway Series:
Want You To Love Me
(Hazel Pathway Series #2)
Sam and Ollie’s Story
Tell Me You Love Me
(Hazel Pathway Series #3)
Chase and Maddie's Story
Do Anything For Love
(Hazel Pathway Series #4)
Ty and Cara's Story

Tally and the Beast: 

A Beauty and the Beast


International Girls of Mystery Series
Remi’s Story (Untitled)


He’s a player. She’s a mystery.
Will she conquer her fears

and win his heart?
Sam is going through

a rough patch in her life.
But she's finding herself...
and having the courage

to stand up for herself.
She’s carried a torch for Ollie

since her freshman year.

Feeling empowered,

Sam's not giving up without a fight
and is going to turn the tables

on this serial dater.
Just wait and see. 
She’s going to teach him a lesson on love.
Ollie revels in his player status.

But at a Halloween party,

he meets a mysterious

masked girl who's turning

his world upside down!

If you love strong female characters,
And players who are taken down a notch...
or two.
You’re going to want to find out
what happens next!



**This sweet contemporary young adult/

high school romance can be read as a      standalone.

However, it can be more enjoyable to read the series in order.**

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